Are you a Baby Boomer?
Are you worried about your parents?
Have you done all you can do?

This book is designed as a workbook for
baby boomers who are researching the
resources available to help their parents.

Each Chapter is written by
an expert in their field. There are blank
pages at the end of each chapter for you
to take notes. There are questions at the
end of each chapter to assess where you
are. There are resources
listed at the end of the book.
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The Complete Resource
Guide for Baby Boomers
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Sergio Torres Calderón, M.P.H.,
Director - Inland Empire,
Alzheimer’s Association, California -
Southland Chapter
Did you grow up in an abusive household?

Are you in an abusive relationship now?

Are you unable to break the spell?
Are you ready to step out and create a new life?

In sharing her story of overcoming a lifetime of abuse and
becoming a successful, happy woman, Darlene empowers the
reader to:

•  Overcome the Deception and the Cultural
Myths that Trap Women

•  Break the Chain of Abuse Passed from Generation to

•  Discover Their Shining Star Within

•  Use Their Star to Guide Their Healing,
Relationships, and Career
From Darkness Into Light
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The expertise of the contributing Resource Guide authors provides a powerful, quality
resource for families faced with the dynamic and emotional toll of caring for their loved
one.  In one word, this book is
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